> Grilled Subs

Our unique main attraction!

All subs come in a freshly baked classic standard 8” Italian roll.

Cheese selections are American Cheese, Provolone, Cheddar Cheese and Stinky Cheese (Sharp Provolone)

Grilled Subs

* Original Cheesesteak$10.9

Wagyu meat, choice of cheese, fried onions, Italian roll.

* Mushroom Cheesesteak$12.5

Mushroom cheesesteak

Wagyu meat, mushrooms, choice of cheese, fried onions. Italian roll.

* Pepper Cheesesteak$12.9

Pepper cheesesteak

Wagyu meat, red and green capsicums, choice of cheese, fried onions. Italian roll.

* Cheesesteak Hoagie$13.5

Cheesesteak hoagie

Wagyu meat, mixed capsicums, diced tomatoes, lettuce, choice of cheese, fried onion. Italian roll.

* Chicken Cheesesteak$14.0

Wagyu meat, chicken thigh, choice of cheese, fried onions. Italian roll.

* Chicken Cheese Hoagie$13.0

Chicken thigh, choice of cheese, fried onions, diced tomatoes, and lettuce.

* Chili Cheesesteak$13.9

Chili cheesesteak

American style chili w/beans and jalapenos, wagyu meat, fried onions, and roll.

* Grilled Veggie Sub$10.0

Grilled capsicums, grilled mushrooms, choice of cheese, diced tomatoes, lettuce, and Italian roll.

* Others

Tomato, Mayo and BBQ sauce provided upon request at no charge.

Jalapenos is $1

Dill pickles are available at $2

More Cheese? Only $1.5

Extra meat is $4.6

Extra American Chili for $3

Extra Mushroom or Pepper $2

More Ranch & Sour Cream 50c

* Lunch Special$13.9

Lunch special

Original Cheesesteak, small Fries and Any$2.50 Drink. ( Only weekdays until 2pm)

* Supreme Cheesesteak$13.0

Supreme cheesesteak

Wagyu steak, grilled mushrooms, mixed capsicums, black olives, fried onion & choice of cheese

* Triple Cheesesteak$12.0

Wagyu steak with all three cheeses (American, Provolone & Cheddar cheese). Very cheesy!

* Garlic Gravy Cheesesteak$13.9

Wagyu steak, our very own homemade gravy with sliced garlic, grilled mushroom & black pepper, fried onions & choice of cheese

> Hotdogs

Classic Hotdog$6.5

Classic Hotdog

Comes with fried onions

Hoagie Hotdog$7.5

Comes with fried onions, lettuce and diced tomatoes

American Chili Hotdog$8.5

Comes with fried onions and Ame-style chili

Garlic Gravy Hotdog$8.5

Comes with fried onions and homemade garlic gravy

Tuesday Special

> Side items

Side items

* Fries$5.5

Beer battered and seasoned

* Sweet Potato Fries$6.5

* Tater Tots (Potato Gems)$6.8

* Onion Rings Tower$6.8

Onion ring tower

Beer Battered and seasoned

* Spicy Wings

4 Pieces - $7.80

8 Pieces - $14

* American Chili Fries$9.0

Our famouse American Chili with beef and beans on beer battered fries.

Add melted cheese for only $2!

> Beers

* Sam Adams

* Coors

* Heineken

* Blue Moon

* Kelly Brother’s pear cider

* Stone & Wood Pacific

* Two Birds (Golden, Sunset)

* Brooklyn (Lager, Brown Ale)

> Drinks

* Coke (Regular, Cherry, Diet, Zero)

* Sprite

* Iced tea (Lemon, Peach, Green)

* Fanta

* Mellow Yellow

* Dr. Pepper (Regular, Cherry)

* Hanks (Root beer, Orange Cream, Vanilla Cream)

* Water